1. Adversarial, Acceptance, Seduction

    Date: 3/13/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: bywalterio, Source: Literotica

    PRELUDE Paula was seated on the plane next to a very handsome young man who was her colleague's lover. She still couldn't believe that she had offered to come on the trip with Walt in place of her friend and co-worker Carol. Walt and Carol had the trip planned for months and Carol came down with the flu days before. Walt had not purchased travel insurance, so it was either go or lose the money. They were headed to an all-inclusive couples resort in the Caribbean. When they first met Paula did not like Walt as he was the typical salesman who came to town and chased pussy. However Carol was attracted to him and she could not get enough of him. Walt was only in the Detroit area twice a month at best usually for three days at a time. Each time he came to town he and Carol got together for incredible sex. At least that was by Carol's account. She couldn't stop talking about him after he left. She told Paula everything they did and how good he made her feel. On one hand Paula didn't want to hear it because her love life was less than satisfactory. The guy she was dating was passable in bed but not a great lover. She had to admit that she was somewhat jealous of Carol when she raved about her encounters with Walt. Maybe that's why she volunteered to go on the trip. Still as she sat on the plane she almost regretted the decision. She was nervous but also curious and then what would Carol say if she ever found out. Paula looked over at Walt and he smiled at her and took a sip out of ... his drink. "Don't worry; we are going to have a great time here. The beach is beautiful and the entertainment is superb as is the food." Paula was wearing a tropical summer dress that hid most of her curvy body except for her shapely legs. She was a pretty young woman of 28 years with long brown hair down to her shoulders and alluring brown eyes. Her 5'7" 130 pound fit body carried her 35-28-35 figure very well. Walt had always been attracted to her but he knew that initially she despised him. He had met them at a bar one evening and she would have nothing to do with him. Carol on the other hand had come on strong and they ended up sleeping together that night and the next two nights he was in town. On numerous occasions, Paula had advised Carol to dump Walt but that was never going to happen. Carol was a slender cute young woman with short curly light brown hair. She was flat chested but had nice legs and a cute bottom. Carol only weighed about 110 pounds at 5'6" tall. Her best asset was her cute ass and she was a dynamo in bed. With Walt there wasn't anything that she wouldn't do or try. He had introduced her to anal sex and he was her first anal lover. Since they first met Walt had been back to the Detroit area another 10 times and spent 25 nights in bed with Carol. The cabin service was complete and minutes later the captain announced the plane was on its initial descent and they would be landing soon. Paula got goose bumps as she thought about the week ahead. Would she ...