1. A Friday Night That Changed My Life: Chapter One

    Date: 2/11/2019, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: jack1107, Source: LushStories

    Paul had gone to the Rugby Club Disco on Friday night. It had finished at twelve. He had walked home with a couple of his friends. He drunk a lot of wine and was feeling good. There was nothing at the disco that attracted him. He was going to have to find new places to hunt for girls. He had been dating Kay for three months, but she had left for America two months ago. He was glad that she was out of his life as she had used him. He had a car, and that was convenient for her. He walked up the driveway, and when he got to the back door, he saw his mum's bedroom light was on. She slept on the ground floor. His father slept on the first floor. They had separate rooms because of his heavy snoring. He unlocked the door and went to the downstairs toilet as he needed to pee. He washed his hands then knocked on his mum's bedroom room door. She said, “Come in darling. I'm just home. I checked your room and saw that you weren't home. I have had a super evening with Mrs Reid. She was quite depressed, but we both had a good evening. I think she is missing the company since her husband died. She asked if you could go round as she has some heavy lifting to be done in her back garden. How was your evening?” Paul sat on the bed beside her. She was wearing her butterfly nightdress which suited her complexion. He said, “I have had a lot to drink, and I am feeling relaxed. I think that I'll have to find somewhere else in my search for a girlfriend as the Rugby Club Disco is not the place for ... me. I'll go over to Mrs Reid tomorrow morning. Do you know what time she wants me?” She replied, “You are a darling. There's an opened bottle of Chablis in the fridge. Could you go and get two and we will have a glass together?” Paul came back with the wine, and they toasted each other. They used the bedside table to rest their glasses on. His mum had been reading the newspaper in bed, but the paper was now gone. She had four pillows propping her up, so she was more sitting than lying now in bed. When she moved, her huge boobies moved. She was wearing nothing under her nightshirt. The buttons were open, and you could see the outline of her heaving breasts. Paul felt his cock harden. She noticed this and smiled as she squeezed his hand. She said, “Your father is working tomorrow morning. He will be at the surgery at eight. Will I wake you after he leaves? I'm not making his breakfast; the housekeeper is coming in to cook for him. He was dreadful this evening. Don't take any money off Mrs Reid as until the estate is sorted out I think she will have to watch things. We had a fantastic evening. We were dancing to a Rod Stewart CD. We both enjoyed it. She's a lovely lady, but I think she is very lonely. She's only fifty-three, a year older than me. Don't you worry about girlfriends, you will be a lawyer next year so don't rush things. I'm so glad you are finished with Kay. I didn't like her at all. Her mother is a far nicer person.” Paul replied, “I won't take a penny from her. Yes, ...