1. My Sex Date with 10 inches

    Date: 2/11/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: byjennyX1984, Source: Literotica

    You're probably wondering who Eric is. No Eric is not hung like a horse, equipped with 10 inches although I am sure he wishes he was but nevertheless, Eric means more to me then any well hung guy ever could, he is my very best friend in the world and I love him. This story is not exactly about him but would not be complete without him. It is at pushing, prodding and pleading that I am writing about this recent sexual experience that I had and it is also to his credit that this experience even came about. He always thought I was a good writer and really wanted me to write about this experience after I shared it with him and apparently he had this exact web site in mind, which I learned, he frequents quite often. It is Eric's belief that all men are very visual and that it is mandatory that I describe myself physically in detail when relating my experience so here goes. My name is Jenny, I'm 23 years old, 5 feet 5 inches, 115 lbs. I have blonde hair, blue eyes. I have a lean tone body. I did gymnastics when I was a kid, was a sprinter in high school and currently run twice a week and work out at the gym twice a week. My best physical assets are my tone legs and tight butt. Eric says I have a butt to die for. I wish I had a little more up top but unfortunately all I ended up with was a B cup so if you're a breast man unfortunately I probably won't do it for you. My build resembles more Kate Hudson then Brittany Spears. I have the same complexion as Kate and unfortunately like ... her lacking in the chest department. I'm more the girl next door then the lady in red. I don't wear a lot of makeup and usually dress modestly. I work out and run in a loose T-shirt and regular shorts as opposed to a naval showing skimpy top and short shorts. Its not that I am ashamed of my body or that I'm not sexual, I am very sexual, I'm just not interested in attracting that kind of attention. Eric was always trying to get me to wear provocative cloth in high school. He would tell me I have a great body and if I put on a little more makeup, did my hair up more and wore some sexy clothe I would easily be a major major hottie at school. He bought me sexy outfits for my birthday. He just didn't understand that wasn't what I was interested in. Most of the girls he went out with were all done up in the latest sexy outfits. I guess like a lot of gals I'd like to be appreciated for more then just my appearance. I believe my best overall assets are my intelligence, my personality, my warmth, and my perceptiveness. I would always tease Eric that I was his best friend because of my brains. He would always tease back, No, I just like you for your ass and legs. Hopefully you are reading this because you like to read something intelligently written and not just look at pics of a bunch of naked women. I don't feel I can dive into relating this experience without first giving a little more background about myself and specifically Eric who has been such an integral part of who I am today. ...