1. Mrs. Baxter's Boarding House Ch. 02

    Date: 2/11/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: bygeronimo_appleby, Source: Literotica

    This a short piece – compared to the first instalment of Mrs Baxter's Boarding House. In this scene, Bryony offers her bottom to her recently-arrived lodger. The first chapter dealt with Adam's first time. This is the second of three in the series. I apologise for any errors remaining in the text. I hope you enjoy this small effort. Thank you for reading. GA – Da Nang, Vietnam – 6th of May 2016.*** He walked in to find Ian from Manchester going at Bryony Baxter. Ian had her bent over the kitchen table, his arms round the rack of her ribs, hands full of her breasts, his scrawny nates working as he fucked into her body. "Adam," Bryony groaned when she noticed him watching. Her eyes were glazed with her pleasure as she gasped and held onto the edge of the table, knuckles white with the effort, dress bunched at her waist, breasts cantilevered over her bra. "Why don't you join in the fun, sweetie?" she gurgled, the honey-blonde a tangle just above her eyes. Ian ignored Adam completely, grunting and thrusting with no mind to the interruption at all while he grimaced and worked at the woman. "Come here, darling," Bryony moaned, one hand coming up off the table, curling a forefinger at the gape-mouthed boy as he stood in the doorway, his mouth hanging slack. "Come and use my mouth," she continued. "Come here and let me suck your lovely cock." Adam boggled, caught unawares, the shock like a physical blow. He stared for several long seconds, then croaked out an apology, backing away ... from the door before rushing to the bottom of the stairs. When he reached his bedroom on the floor above, Adam was hard, his cock a steel rod. The boy shucked down his trousers and started tugging his length. He recalled the sight of Bryony's face all twisted with need, Ian grunting away, his thrusts making Bryony's flesh ripple under the force of his pumping. Bryony found Adam a few minutes later, her gurgle of pleasure drawing his focus when she knocked and then entered his room. "You should have stayed and joined in," Bryony said, modesty restored. She had her tits tucked away, the hem of the dress at its respectable level. Advancing upon Adam as he lay on his bed, his cock in his fist, Bryony grinned at the boy, eyes flicking down to his length. "But I expect you're still settling in. No matter," Bryony shrugged. "Would you like me to help you with that?" Then, without further preamble, not bothering to wait for a reply from the boy, she clambered onto the bed, hauling her dress to her hips as she went. After that, with her rump in the air and her fingers working through the goo Ian had dumped into her body, Bryony took control of the hard-on. She smiled at Adam, cranking his shaft before pursing her lips round the dome.* It had taken a fortnight for Adam to settle into a routine, his senses accepting the strangeness of living under Mrs Baxter's roof. He'd been reeling from the speed and vehemence of the woman's initial seduction. He was stunned from the experience, his ...