1. Trusting in the One Chance

    Date: 2/11/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: byLemonheadLover, Source: Literotica

    I had never trusted anyone as much as I trusted him. Now that I am in my 30's it seems so much easier, and I am more sure of my self. Maybe that is why women peak sexually so much later it takes us so much longer to get comfortable in our own skin. I can not say that this is about love either. Pure, raw, animal lust perhaps, no, definitely. I lust for him, and it has nothing to do with his looks, well ok, I love his eyes. He is in his mid 30's as well so I am not about to sit here and say we have perfect bodies. We have what we have and it excites each other to no end. Leave our physical descriptions to what you want them to be, so you can excite yourself as much as he and I excite each other. We finally got together in person after a long time cyber relationship, and our very being together was wrong on so many levels. Being together would mean that we were cheating on our spouses. Granted we both have spouses that have low sex drives, much lower that the two of us have. It doesn't make it right, it doesn't excuse it, and a few years ago I would have been appalled if I knew someone that was cheating, but time can change perspective and mine was changed. I felt ignored by my spouse and unfulfilled. I was close to wearing fleece and flannel, not combing the hair or leaving the house. There was no one that I needed to impress or that cared or paid attention to my looks. So this whole meeting was clandestine and we both had to tell a lot of stories to get together. But it ... happened, finally and before we set foot into the hotel room I had soaked the crotch of my panties in anticipation. We were super careful to not touch each other in public. It was too risky. I carried a brief case and dressed in business attire to make it look like we were having a business meeting. Under my skirt and blazer I had on a skirted g-string with garters and stockings all in black and a black lacy see through bra. I wore a blouse as well, and had my hair up in a chignon, and wore pearls and my glasses. He loved my glasses. I think he was into that nerdy librarian look. I was going for the nerdy librarian by day, hell cat in the sack by night look. As soon as the door closed, I needed to touch him to feel that he was real. I placed both of my hands on his face and looked deep into his eyes. I asked him "Are you sure?" and waited for his reply. "Yes I am sure." was all he said before pressing his soft full lips against mine and slipping his tongue in between my lips in a kiss, the kind of a kiss that melts a person. I looked into those eyes, the sexiest eyes I have ever seen in my life. I wanted to give him the one thing he had never had, I wanted to be special to him forever. I wanted to make his guilt worth it. I slid my blazer off and placed it on a hanger. I took down the chignon from my hair and left my hair fall over my shoulders in soft waves lightly shaking my hair from side to side at the same time. I pushed him down onto the bed and then I proceeded to finish ...