1. The Cover of Darkness

    Date: 2/11/2019, Categories: First Time, Author: 3FingerKelly, Source: LushStories

    Mary Connor hated her nickname of “Midnight Mary” because it insinuated she was the sort of girl that liked to get down and dirty with those things that went bump in the night and which invariably caused innocent-looking girls to get tagged with terrible reputations. She certainly didn’t think it was fair for people to jump to conclusions about her moral character just because she seldom went out of the house in daylight hours and really didn’t come alive until after the sun had set over the horizon. To be sure, there were a lot of young girls with that sort of lifestyle and most of them were free and easy in dishing out sensual favors to almost any person of the other gender that was forward enough to ask them for instant gratification. Mary knew that she was not of that ilk and in point of fact, she was still unpopped cherry wise despite several close calls that ended in oral favors being granted to keep her panties in place until the next up close and personal joust with a horny young boy. The truth of the matter was that Mary was diagnosed at the tender age of eighteen with an affliction that made exposure to the sun mortally dangerous under any circumstance. The doctors were certain it could be cured, but that it would take years of medications to change her basic DNA to allow her to live her life like a normal human being. The disease was jokingly referred to as the “Dracula Syndrome”, but to Mary, it was not in the least bit funny. Mary’s budding breasts had recently ... come alive in heavy duty sessions of foreplay that involved serious sucking of the sensitive nipples. It surprised her that she loved the attention so much that she deviously arranged scenarios with her bare boobs offered like a sacrifice for her partner’s pleasure. She had originally tested her reactions out with some rather close female friends that relied on reciprocal arrangements to keep their stress levels down and were reassuringly discreet in keeping closed lips when queried about Mary’s preferences. When she graduated to male ministrations with regard to arousing her perky breasts to a state of below the waistline agitation, Mary simply pretended it was all a boring fad and carefully hid her system shattering orgasm from her male admirers. Eventually, she did reveal her happy ending release to a couple of more mature young lads and was dismayed when they tried to use that weakness to their advantage in guiding her to a final “popping of the cherry” celebration in the dead of night. Her primary care doctor was a University trained expert in internal medicine. His name was Doctor Lippman and he liked to give her the type of physical examinations that insured she had no difficulties in her vaginal, anal or oral tracts that might prevent her from complete satisfaction at the time of copulation. He had spoken to her recently about her late blooming efforts to lose her unwanted cherry. It was most embarrassing to Mary because Doctor Lippman was one of those middle-aged men ...