1. Repopulating the Earth

    Date: 1/12/2019, Categories: Science-Fiction , Body modification, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Author: Harold Warbridge, Source: sexstories.com

    The year is 2053 and the human race is no more. War had overtaken the earth in 2048, a small conflict snowballing into an apocalyptic world war, which due to biological weapons being used and spiralling out of what little control there was, led to humans as a race being wiped out. By 2053 peace was prevalent, simply because there was no-one left to fight. This was what Gary knew, he knew that he was the last man on earth. Well he was pretty sure he was anyway. He guessed he was some fluke, naturally immune to the diseases that had swept the planet. Gary was 23 years old, with dark hair and a good, but not spectacular build. He had enough charm and good enough looks to have had a fair number of female lovers, even though the world hadn‘t been at all normal since he was 18. For the last year he had looked for other survivors, but found no-one. He had tried radio, leaving messages, travelling the country, but found nothing. Driving was becoming harder. Not only was it a matter of maintaining a vehicle, which he had had to learn, but nature was starting to reclaim the urban landscape making roads and motorways often inaccessible. 14 months after Gary’s last human contact, he was raiding a supermarket for tinned food and bottled water when he heard a voice. “Hello? Who’s there?” it shouted, reverberating through the aisles. “Is that really a person I saw? Are you real?” Gary stumbled to the front of the shop in shock and saw a dirty, slightly ragged man of about his own age, ... holding a crude spear in one hand and a crumpled map in the other. “I thought I was the only one left” said Gary. “I didn’t know anyone else survived” “Me neither” the stranger said, who then proceeded to sob quietly. “Hey, it’s alright” said Gary putting a hand on the crying man’s shoulder. “If there’s two of us, there might be more out there. My name’s Gary.” “I’m Steve” said the stranger. “You really think there could be more of us?” “I do. And we need to find them. If we can’t get together then the last few of us are going to die alone and the human race will really be gone. We need to find women and keep our species alive.” “I couldn’t care less about the human race” said Steve. “Look what it did! I just don’t want to be alone anymore.” Gary wasn’t too impressed by this, but took what he could get. “Now there’s two of us, we can work together, go abroad and search Europe, Asia, America!” “Ok” Steve said in a quiet voice, “Just don’t leave me here.” For the next ten years Steve and Gary travelled the world, seeing breathtaking sights and things that would haunt their nightmares. They got along well enough, friends through desperation rather than mutual interests, occasionally falling out, but always staying together. But they found no-one, and ten years later found themselves back in London, having circled the globe. They sat in what was left of a pub, drinking vodka. “I can’t believe that’s it” said Gary. “No women, means no kids, no kids means no more humans, gone the way of ...