1. What Jehovah Witnessed Part Two

    Date: 1/12/2019, Categories: Fiction , First Time, Group Sex, Rape, Author: gscmar64, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter Three: Friday July 15TH - The sex begin! Friday morning Dawn wakes after her parents have left. She notices her phone has a text for her, ' Tonight alone or tomorrow everyone!'. She drops the phone and rushes into the bathroom, wetting herself before she could sit down. To herself 'What am i going to do, why is he doing this to me?' Cleaning up she gets ready for another day, the same clothes she wore Wednesday, a white blouse and navy blue skirt. This time though she adds a thin blue tie to the ensemble. Making it to the Kingdom Hall a little after nine, she meets Mrs. Martin and they drive off on their merry way to spread the word of Jehovah. Most of the day Mrs Martin does all the talking,leaving Dawn to her thoughts. By the late afternoon Dawn is convinced that this is a trial of her faith and that Jehovah will see her through it! At four they're back at the Kingdom Hall, Mrs Martin going in to return the extra literature and the donations raised.Going inside Dawn doesn't see the maroon Town Car in the parking lot,but it is very aware of her, her phone beeps for the newly received text message, 'Wear that outfit tonight!" then another 'Remember by 8 or it goes viral!' Reading the screen Dawn drops her phone, pales and leans onto the wall for support. Mrs.Martin comes out and find Dawn offering to drive her home "Oh dear will you be here tonight for the meeting Dawn?" Going inside Dawn finds a note ' home late but will be at meeting if possible m+d'. Then the home ... phone rings, Dawn hesitates to answer it, does and is relieved to hear her mom on the other end Dawn dear your father and i will be tied up all night,so we'll meet you tomorrow morning at the Kingdom Hall!" before she can reply the phone is hung up on the other end. No the only thing preventing her going back was her fear of what was to come. 6:50 she starts the ten minute trip to the Kingdom Hall, arriving at 7:01 "I'm not going!" running through her mind but someone hollers "There is a strange video on our website, somebody sent us an video of two dogs making out!" Her mind convinced it was him!, showing her that he was more than capable of what he threaten. 7:11 she leaves for his place arriving twelve minutes later. At the front door she shaking like a leaf as she knocks. From inside dawn hears "It's open!" Shakily she turns the knob and the door swings in. "It- it-it's m-m-m-e!" "Well it is!" As he appears coming from the kitchen "Come in, Dawn I've been waiting!" Thomas walks over to her, closing the door for her. Then placing his hand on her ass, escorts her into the living room. "You have such a nice ass Dawn!" She flinches as he says it. Moving her to the couch "Sit down I'm sure there things you want to know?" looking at her after he takes the chair across from her. Her eyes search his face and the room around her,she spots a laptop on a table along with a memory stick,she turns white "Relax Dawn if you do what's asked of you I'll let you personally delete the video ...