1. Lays of St Trinian's: Chapter 3

    Date: 1/11/2019, Categories: Lesbian, Author: Pixie_Hoffmann, Source: LushStories

    It is not every day that the Head Girl and her dorm mate turn up at your study and ask you to lift your skirt and 'spread 'em.' which means there is no set rule of etiquette for such an occasion. At such moments, one relies on common sense and good manners. A lady should not expose her underwear in public knowingly, so accordingly I invited them inside. 'Hi Mel,' said the Head Girl to our lovely Rhodes Scholar, Melissa Dee, 'you are welcome to stay while we examine the state of Hoffy's knickers, or panties as you would say in the US of A.' 'I am Canadian, as a matter of fact,' said Mellisa, 'and as I was invited into Miss Hoffmann's rooms, I shall stay until asked to leave by my hostess. I thought you English were hot on etiquette?' Rebecca's eyes narrowed. 'Sarah,' she said, turning to her delicious room-mate, the always happy Australian scholar, 'camera phone to the ready.' 'Oh, and I ought to remind you, Head Girl, that there was nothing in the agreement about anyone "spreading 'em," after all, how would you like it if Miss Susie made you do it?' To judge by the colour Rebecca turned, Mel must have said something relevant, though for the life of me I could not think what. 'It's a lie, I tell you, a damnable lie. I got the Head Girl's job on merit not because I was fucking Miss Susie! Oh fuck.' With that cryptic comment, she turned to me. 'Okay Hoffy, skirt up!' I looked at Mel, who was smiling, encouraging me; what a darling she was. Slowly, I raised my skirt, first ... revealing the tops of my stockings and the pink suspenders, and then, as it reached my hips, my white cotton knickers - regulation style. 'Snap them, Sarah, turn Hoffy, let Sarah get a good picture.' I did as I was told. Mel's nice smile helped me to bear it. Sarah was blushing, but took the snap all the same. 'Good girl Hoffy, but are they cotton? I think I should feel.' I hesitated. Mel looked at me and nodded, which helped a lot. Rebecca rubbed her finger along the line of my slit, pushing my knickers in a little. 'Well, they are cotton, but Hoffy, they are also wet. Why would that be? Yes, definitely moist Hoffy, don't say that having the Head Girl examine your knickers is getting you off?' I blushed. 'Well, Rebecca, having carried out her half of the deal, I suggest you do the same. Lift and show us.' Mel had what is called, I believe, a 'shit-eating grin,' on her face. Sarah looked shocked. 'You can't expect Becca to show you her panties, that's not right.' 'Actually, Sarah, that is the deal. Miss Hoffmann sets a good example, and in return for not examining all the girls, Miss Susie or Pix or one of the other teachers can examine Becca's knickers. Up with that school skirt, Becca, and let's see if the undies are regulation. I have my phone camera to record it.' 'Hoffy!' Rebecca narrowed her eyes. Was that the trace of a pout I saw? 'Rebecca, that was the deal, so I am afraid you have to show.' I was only, as I told her, telling her what was in the agreement. Blushing ...