1. Ana and her girlfriends night out

    Date: 1/11/2019, Categories: Anal, Mature / Older, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster

    That Friday night my sweet wife and her girlfriends had gone out for a “girl’s night out”, a classic performed almost twice a month.Her friends were Laura and Stella; two married bitches who went everywhere with Ana. I was worried someday those slutty wives could drag my sensual wife to the wrong side of the town…With nothing else to do; just wait for Anita came back; I decided to sit down and watch TV. But soon I got bored and then decided to go out by myself, have a drink, and listen to some music.It was just ten when I left home; plenty time before my sweet wife could come back. There was no way Anita would be home before midnight.I was halfway to my favorite bar; when I saw the neon sign advertising a brand new country-western dance hall, bar and pool.Then I thought that this place could be the final destination for the infamous “girl’s night out”… I decided to stop there.I turned into the parking lot. Then I recognized Laura’s van there. She usually drove every night; she was a nice teetotaler…I found a vacant spot close to her nice blue van and parked there.Then I thought Ana could be embarrassed if her girlfriends saw me there. Those bitches would think I was spying on them.But, on the other hand, my curiosity was overwhelming me so bad. Finally, I entered the place. The tables, booths and dance floor were at the rear section of the club.Carefully, I looked out of the door into the table and dance area.Soon I could see a crowded table with several guys, surrounding my ... sexy wife and her girlfriends.Ana was wearing a tight blue jean, which showed her nice round ass cheeks. Her friends were both wearing short dresses.Then two of the guys went to the dance floor with Laura and Stella.Other two guys seated next to my wife were chatting with her.Very often, one of them would whisper into her ear. She would laugh and either nod or shake her head. The same guy had his hand on the nape of her neck softly stroking up and down.The second man was leaning close, with his hand under the table. From my angle, he appeared to have his hand on my wife's knee; but his arm was not moving…I turned my attention to her girlfriends.I saw that the man dancing with Laura had her locked in a tight embrace, with his hands on her buttocks. As tightly as he was pressing her against his body, she had to be feeling his erect cock. As they danced, she rested her head on his shoulder with her face pressed into the side of his neck. It was so erotic that picture…Not far away, I could see Stella and her partner. He also had his hands on her ass pressing her tightly against his erection; but his hands were roaming freely over Stella's round buttocks…As they danced, I could that their motion varied from motion varied from small circular movements to small, but definite coital thrusts.Then I saw one of Anita’s suitors was moving his arm very slowly under the table. But then I could see my sweet wife had her legs crossed beneath the table. The man's hand was slowly stroking her ...