1. Mustang Claire's Gift

    Date: 1/11/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: byJakeRockwell, Source: Literotica

    My life had changed a lot over the past two years. A new job, a new city, and a new romantic interest, were only three of the many transitions I had made. Claire, was the only girl I had dated through college. Deeply in love, we'd shared an off-campus apartment throughout our academic years. It saved us a lot of money, and filled our hearts with the security of having someone we loved so close while working hard on our educational goals. After college, then law school, we'd returned to our native city. We continued living together in Smallton, each working in a different law firm. Neither Claire nor I ever questioned that one day we'd marry and raise a family, right there in Plainview. However, we soon learned that life is nothing if not unpredictable. As our careers matured, changes in our personal goals pulled us in different directions. I got a promotion which meant I would have to work in a city over a hundred miles away. Claire couldn't move there with me. She knew that walking away from the prestigious local law firm she worked for, would seriously derail her promising career. After eight wonderful years together, separating had been the hardest decision either of us had ever made. Although we were still deeply in love, the economic reality of our lives, and the need to build successful careers, won the battle. We reasoned that love like ours would survive any distance. Claire and I shared a dream that we'd soon be established, professionally, and be able to resume our ... lives together. "Once we've made names for ourselves, we'll start a husband and wife practice in Plainview," we rationalized. Over the next several months we struggled to adapt to living apart. We'd call, text, and occasionally meet for a weekend of togetherness and sexual abandon. After a year of long distance romance, we both felt the strain. Only in our late twenties, we both needed someone to share our daily lives with, and we knew we were slowly growing apart. After a great deal of soul searching, we'd decided we should see other people. By this particular weekend, Claire had recently begun dating a successful young corporate farmer, in the Plainview area. I'd started seeing a female associate from my new firm. Her name was Melanie, a beautiful redheaded lawyer, originally from Philadelphia. My heart was rooted in Southern NY, so about once a month, I'd spend the weekend at my nineteenth century farm house in Plain View. It was one of my Plainview weekends. Melanie had come home with me. I was a bit ashamed of my clandestine thoughts that Melanie was appropriately named. But then, how could a newborn's parents know she'd grow up to be so well endowed? We were nicely settled in for a romantic Saturday night. Downton Abbey was playing on the big screen TV, and I was in the kitchen checking on dinner. It was going to be the perfect evening. Then my cell phone rang. "Hello, Jackie," she said softly. "I see you're home this weekend. What are you doing?" Everybody on Earth but ...