1. Peen Goes To The Mall

    Date: 11/9/2018, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: Green_Man, Source: LushStories

    Peen was people watching. He nodded companionably at each person that passed by. It was nice and pleasant here in the mall. He had seen several groups of old folks working their arms and legs as they pounded out a mile or two around the circuit of the shopping center. He pretty much ignored them with a quirky smile. But the gaggles of girls were more fun to see as they giggled down the arcades and past the tempting shop windows. He relaxed with his arms up on the back of the cushioned bench just opposite the entranceway and frontage of a clothing store. This was a good spot because the young ladies were always pausing to look at the new clothing styles and there was a softly whooshing fountain nearby. The mist from it was cool and refreshing. Peen was wearing a tee shirt he bought in a head shop in town. He liked the lady and the samurai on it. He smiled when he found it on the sale rack in the back of the store. It was his favorite tee shirt now. He looked up at an approaching group of girls carrying full shopping bags and wearing their pastel-colored frilly blouses and short fluttering skirts. He saw bare tummies and innie bellybuttons galore that thrilled the Peen emotions. He grinned and chortled, "aye." One little blond princess wearing a blazer with a college crest on it stopped and stared at his chest. Then she skipped up to him with an impish grin on her face. "Hey, Mister. Is that Ninja Scroll? The anime movie?" She pointed at his tee shirt as Peen glanced down ... then back up to smile. "Aye," he agreed as he scratched his belly. "How much you want for it? That's a cool flick. What do you say, Mister?" She giggled as she flounced her skirt around her dimpled knees. Her coterie had moved in and was now surrounding Peen. He sat with one leg crooked over a knee. A noticeable bulge was building in his chino trousers. "Nay," he responded weakly. He crossed his legs further and more tightly over his crotch. "What? Mister, I like it. Okay? What do you want for it?" She was leaning over with her perky titty cleavage flaunted in front of his face and her pink lips pouting. "Ever made out with a college coed?" Her crew all giggled and grinned. "Nay," he whispered hesitantly. "Bev," she gestured to a compatriot, "get over here and make out with Mister. I want that tee shirt." "No way, Christine. No way, man. Some weirdo hobo in the mall?" Her friend crossed her arms over her chest and shook her black tresses. "Aw, dammit it all, Beverly." She looked around. "Who wants to give Mister here a kiss or two?" But they all were shaking their heads. "What the hell is wrong with you sluts? Okay, fine. I'll do it." And she pressed herself forward, lifted her skirt, and displayed her thong and her pussy to Peen's view. She slipped a finger under the fabric, pulled it away from her little slit and grinned at Peen saying, "There, kiss that Mister. Bev, you guys, watch out, okay?" She ordered her sororal companions. Peen pushed his face into her groin and ...