1. Spanked at Work

    Date: 11/9/2018, Categories: True Story , Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Coercion, Spanking, Author: SpkInducom, Source: sexstories.com

    The First girl that I had to spank was called Julia. She was 18 years old and worked at our largest store near Chesterfield. She had been working as a key timer every weekend and bank holiday since she was 16 and was good at her job. My office was 20 miles away but I still visited every six to eight weeks to check on things and sort any problems out, as well as completing staff assessments and product training. During an unannounced visit to that store I caught Julia kissing a man in the staff kitchen leaving the shop floor unattended as the other sales person had popped out for lunch. As we sold Home Entertainment goods, leaving the floor unattended was a serious matter. I waited until the other sales person returned before asking Julia to pop outside at the rear of the store to explain her. After a lot of apologies and begging me not to fire her she asked me if I could deal with her another way. She told me that her father had left home, her mother had just been sacked and she was now the only wage earner at home. I didn't really want to sack her as she was a good worker and one of the best sales people in that store, but didn't want to just let her off with a warning either. So I asked her to suggest a punishment that would match the seriousness of the offence but still keep her, her job. She said that at home before her father had left, if she had been really bad he would belt her with his razor strop but she hadn't been punished that way since she was fifteen. I ... initially said no to the idea as it could get me in a lot of trouble and I could be prosecuted for assault, her answer was that she would sign a piece of paper saying that she fully agreed to the punishment and that as she was now over 18 she was allowed to decide what she could or couldn't do as an adult. I agreed and arranged to return the next day with a contract for her to sign and to tell the other staff I was going to do a stock take after the store closed which required a member of staff to stay behind for an hour or so and she would volunteer. It was late on the Sunday evening when I arrived at the store, just before the Manager was due to leave. I selected this time as a courtesy to the Manager so she wouldn't think I was doing a stock take whilst she wasn't there as a way of distrusting her. After the pleasantries and formalities had been exchanged I let her get off just leaving the Deputy Manager, Julia and myself in store for the last couple of hours of business. I told them I was popping out for something to eat and would be back before closing. I arrived back as they were cashing up and printed off the stocktaking sheets as although this was a rouse at the very least the Manager would expect a report back, to avoid suspicion. I quickly did a count of all the expensive items of stock and compared them to the stock sheets which matched as expected apart from a couple of items which I would need to check. I told the Deputy Manager that Julia would walk with her to the ...