1. Step daughter seduce step dad

    Date: 11/8/2018, Categories: Diary , Incest / Taboo, Teen, Author: tom8899, Source: sexstories.com

    Laying here with my step dad's taste still in my mouth and my pussy stretched from his massive cock. It still feels like I dream, I have wanted him for years, and finally I got up the courage to seduce my step father. I can't help but remember how it all started six months ago, I had just gotten out of the military and moved home to started college. My name is Kim and I am 23 years old, my father is David and he is 49 years old. I am five foot eleven inches tall, green eyes, auburn hair down to just above my waist and weight a sold 126 pounds with round hips, a full ass and 38 inch bust. I have always been attracted to my step father, he works out all the time, and I would always find an excuse to workout with him in his gym behind our house. Watching him pumping iron and then running would really turn me on. After a workout I would find myself in the shower, my hands exploring my body, my fingers rubbing my clit, and then I would fuck myself with my fingers, imaging my step dads cock inside me until I convulsed in pleasure and my juices ran down my thighs. I would then lick my juices from my fingers, imagining that it was my father's cum. I will admit I was still a virgin, and had many a fantasy of losing my virginity to my step father. Not to say I was inexperienced when it came to sex, I have had oral sex with several guys (and experiment with one girl). And I was quit skilled at the use of a vibrator and dildo; I just wanted my first fuck to be with someone special. When ... I arrived home to go to school it was not my intention to seduce my father. However, with my mom's job sending her all over the country and her being away from home for a week or more at a time I decided to try and seduce my step father. It was summer, so I started by laying out whenever he was around. Several times I thought I caught him looking at me in a very intense way, but I wanted to be sure. A couple days later I decided to start masturbating with my bedroom door cracked, just a little. I had no intention of being quiet, I planned to be just loud enough that he could hear me if he was in the living room, it only took one time. I heard dad come in from outside and turn the television on, so I went to my dresser and got my favorite dildo out. I removed my bra and panties, admiring myself in the mirror as I ran my hands over my firm tits, full hips and spreading my pussy's lips, feeling the heat. My heart was pounding as I laid back on my bed, positioning myself so that I could see the door out of the corner of my eye, but also in such a way that my step dad could see my pussy and all that I was doing to it. As my hands explored my body, I closed my eyes, first I pulled on my nipples until they were hard and swollen, I slid one hand down my body, across my flat stomach and parted my pussy. The lips of my pussy were already swollen; I pushed one finger inside me, letting out a moan. Pushing my second finger into myself, feeling my juices flowing over my fingers, pulling ...