1. The White Suburban Housewife - Insatiable Lust

    Date: 11/8/2018, Categories: Interracial, Mature / Older, Author: o08086a, Source: xHamster

    After more than three years absence, Susan, The White Suburban Housewife, returns. Readers will recall that Susan got involved with Marvin, a black businessman, through the internet. They eventually met in person and Marvin introduced Susan to interracial sex. She loved it. Then Marvin duped her into having sex with his business clients. In essence, she was working as a prostitute. Her first trick was with one of Marvin’s best business clients, Robert. Robert showed Susan what sex with a virile black man is all about. She wanted more and Robert wanted to give her more but now both men have vanished from her life, but her need for interracial sex has not. She has a lust for more.The White Suburban Housewife - Insatiable LustAnother Friday morning had come around and now it had been weeks since Susan’s date with Robert and she’d not heard from him since. They’d said their good-byes over drinks in the bar at the hotel and the last thing Robert told her was she’d be hearing from him soon. But now weeks had passed and she had not received a phone call, or email, not even a text from this man who owned her for an afternoon and told her that he wanted another date with her and that he’d work out the arrangements with Marvin.And, she’d not heard from Marvin, that piece of shit who duped her into working as one of his housewife whores who serviced his business clients like Robert. A couple of days after her date with Robert, Marvin told her that he was traveling to Australia and New ... Zealand on business and he’d see her when he got back but never told her when he’d be back. And he never mentioned if he’d talked with Robert about arranging another date with her.So now Susan was left to wonder about these two men, these two black men, who had shown her sex like she had never dreamed or imagined. And in doing so awakened within her a wicked and erotic side of her sexuality that she now wanted fulfilled more than anything else.Marvin had intentionally arranged for Robert to be Susan’s first trick. Robert was the sex master. He knew women. He knew everything about a woman’s body, mind and soul. He knew how to talk to a woman. He knew how to touch a woman. He knew how to arouse a woman. He knew how to take control of a woman. Most of all, he knew how to have sex with a woman and Marvin knew that Robert would take Susan, condition her, and prepare her physically, mentally, and emotionally for sex with more men.Since her date with Robert, Susan and her husband Dan had sex several times, and it was good, but it was nothing like sex with Robert or Marvin. Robert and Marvin did things to her that Dan would never imagine doing. They made her do things with them that Dan would never imagine asking her to do. They made her feel things that Dan could never make her feel. With Dan it was love and intimacy between a husband and wife. With Robert and Marvin she was used for their sexual pleasure. And, for some deep, subconscious reason, Susan liked being used.But now it had ...