1. The Master and the Ring Ch. 10

    Date: 11/8/2018, Categories: Anal, Author: byjasliz, Source: Literotica

    Sorry for the wait, we've been busy with multiple projects some of which unfortunately won't be found here. ***** "I can mend the ring, mi lady, but I cannot preserve the runes around it in the process," the gold smith said to Yvonne as he looked at the two halves of gold. "The runes are of no consequence any longer. Repair the ring as quickly as possible," Yvonne responded. "I'll have it completed for you tomorrow." "Very well. Tomorrow then," she said, turning to leave. "And congratulations on your engagement, my future queen." "Thank you, kind sir," she said as she left his shop. Getting the ring tomorrow was cutting it close. That was the night of the full moon and the height of their power. A power Yvonne never knew she possessed. What she had learned from the witches was nothing more than what she considered women's intuition. The spark was much more if strengthened with practice. Already she and Serena had learned much in a short time. She returned quickly to the palace. She was to meet her sister and the two witches to continue her learning before the full moon. It was getting dark as she asked the driver to hurry the horses faster toward the palace. The carriage rocked and swayed at the increased speed. Watching out the windows, Yvonne saw lights beginning to be lit in the cities homes. She had left Serena at the palace to attend to the wedding details and any other affairs of House Granvas. She had received a letter from her uncle, Lord Byron. He apparently wanted ... to see her. Of course he would want to see her after the announcement of the engagement. He was probably the one that had tried to kill Henri. Yvonne hoped the announcement would save Henri from any further attempts on his life. She was pleased he had finally gone to the palace and was now under protection from the king's guards. She had heard the attempt was almost successful if it wasn't for General Sharis. She would have to thank him when she saw him again. Arriving late, Yvonne hurried to Heather's and Arianna's chamber, having to walk through the servant's room on the way and finding Mary there. "They've started without you," Mary said as Yvonne rushed through. "I'm sure they have. And how are you, Mary?" Yvonne, asked, pausing in her rush. "I'm coping, but the waiting doesn't make it easy." "Are you still determined?" Yvonne asked. "Yes. When I keep my mind on Henri it's easy to stay determined, my lady." "Then think on him. You are making a great sacrifice for your country and king." "Thank you. Just promise me you will take care of him when I'm gone." "You have my word, Mary." "Don't let the power destroy him." "I won't." Mary forced a smile, holding out a hand to Yvonne who took it and grasp it tight. "You should go, my lady... you don't want to get behind in your studies." Yvonne smiled, releasing her hand and opening the door into the inner chamber. ** "Move the majority of your army south. We must stop their advance and hold them until after the night of the full ...