1. Kristina Plugged by Tire Repairman

    Date: 11/8/2018, Categories: Anal, Author: byrutger5, Source: Literotica

    An original story 2011. Story contains reluctance theme. ***** "No I'm sorry senora, just like the sign says we only accept cash," Miguel Luis Estrada told the attractive, well dressed woman as he pointed to the sign prominently hanging at the front of his business that stated in bold lettering CASH ONLY - NO CREDIT. "I assure you that you'll be paid in full," Kristina Thorson replied, "and if you don't accept credit cards then just repair my tire now and I'll return tomorrow at the latest with your money. My husband is very well known in this city's business community and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain." Miguel shrugged his shoulders helplessly before again pointing to the sign. "I can't help you senora. Maybe your husband can get someone he knows to come and pay me and then I will fix your tire. My hands are tied. That is the rule here and I can't go against it every time a beautiful woman asks, though I wish I could help." Though she was becoming frustrated with the man's intransigence Kristina couldn't help but smile shyly when he called her beautiful. How long had it been since she'd been called that by a man she wondered to herself? Sure the ladies from the spa she'd just left had oohed and aahed over her appearance but they were women who made their living catering to spoiled, trophy wives like her. This man must be sincere however she reasoned, for under the circumstances what could he possibly gain with a lie. Almost unconsciously Kristina ran a ... slim, delicate hand through her flame colored locks. "Maybe you can get money from an ATM senora," Miguel suggested to her as his dark eyes drank in her fair beauty. Kristina now regretted taking this way home from the day spa. If she'd driven the longer, more conventional route from the city to the suburbs this wouldn't be happening. In trying to save time she'd cut thru a gritty section of the city that had once been home to factories and the like. The manufacturing jobs were long gone. Now there were just some machine shops, auto repair facilities, and a few other businesses barely hanging on. She couldn't imagine there was an ATM closer than the convenience store she'd passed a little more than a mile back. Looking up at the threatening gray sky and down at her four inch Steve Madden heels Kristina knew she wasn't about to try and walk that, especially in this rough section of town. She wished she hadn't given such a generous tip from the small amount of cash she'd been carrying to the woman who'd given her the seaweed wrap, but she'd been so sweet and besides she had her cards with her. Most of the time Kristina carried very little cash as her husband Carl preferred her to use the charge cards. In that way he could track how she spent money as part of his controlling personality. Well, time to bite the bullet and deal with the unpleasantness she thought. Removing her cellphone from her Coach bag she hit the buttons rapidly. "Yes this is Mrs. Thorson, would you please put Mr. ...