1. Fucking My Best Friend

    Date: 10/11/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: SecretLush, Source: LushStories

    I excitedly put the rest of the white wine in the ice bucket on the table next to the cheese tray. I am hosting a few girls for appetizers and wine, and as a mother of two, I rarely get to entertain or spend time with my friends like this. “Okay honey, we are leaving,” Todd kisses me on the head as he grabs a water bottle and heads out the door. “Where are…” I start. “They’re in the car already. I promise I’ll try to not kill them in the six hours we’ll be gone,” he jokes. Todd is a great father and husband, and is taking the kids to the park and then out for dinner so I can have the afternoon to myself. “Oh honey, I know. And you don’t even know how grateful I am that you’re doing this. Thank you again, I am so excited to have some girl time,” I say, kissing him on the lips. “You’re welcome. If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” he says, winking and shutting the door behind himself. I hear the car start and go down the street. I run back to the bedroom and change clothes out of my grubby house cleaning clothes into my “I have my shit together and have a life outside of the house” clothes. No sooner do I come back out to the front room before I hear a couple of cars pull in the driveway. I peek out the front window and see that several of them must have car pooled, which works great since we have a small driveway. Over the next couple of hours, my friends and I eat snacks, sit outside, share gossip and stories about our husbands and kids, and drink a shit load of wine. ... Good thing I had bought extra and stuck it in the extra fridge, because we are putting it away. 5 o’clock comes, and several of the girls say they need to get home and make dinner for their families. Thank god for my husband for taking care of that for me. “Aww, I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon! Make your husband take care of dinner,” I suggest. Several of them laugh, but still politely excuse themselves and head home. My closest friend in the group, Anna, is the last one left. “Let’s have another drink out back, you want to?” I ask. This is a silly question, as Anna is always up for another drink. We have always been so close, and I love having her to confide in. “Hell yeah,” she says, smiling broadly, “Danny knows better than to expect me to come home and prepare dinner. When I’m out with the girls, he takes care of the house and kids. That’s how he knows he’ll get laid later.” We both giggle. We grab the last bottle of white wine and head to the back deck. I hear my phone ding and check the notification, just to see that Todd has texted me a picture. “Oh, look. Todd and the kids are going to be late. What a shame!” The caption with the picture says, “I decided to take the kids to that new Lego movie… I figured you could use some extra time with your friends. I love you, see you in a few hours.” “Damn straight,” Anna says. “Now we have even more time alone.” Something in her tone when she says that makes me think I don't know what she meant. She looks at me a little ...