1. My boyfriend fuck my sister

    Date: 10/11/2018, Categories: Hardcore, First Time, Anal, Author: harika2323, Source: xHamster

    Hello, I am Harika, I live in kolkatta with my parents and elder sister Bavi. We both sister are young, beautiful and sexy. We had studied in co ed, so every time we had boyfriends .Many times we had multiple boyfriends .Since we both sister are almost of the same age only 2 years gap ,nothing is hidden between us.We know each other boyfriends their meeting places etc. We both sisters are very sexy, we had sex when I was of the age 14 and my sis when she was 15 .We both enjoy sex a lot ,whenever we get chance to get fuck by some handsome hunk ,we never miss the opportunity. Few time it had happened that I am getting fucked by my boyfriend at my home when I was alone, after sometimes I find that sarita enters in the house with her boyfriend and go to her room and get fucked. We don’t mind rather we share our experiences. There use to be competition of making handsome boyfriends .In that competitions few time we both eyeOn same guy.This story is about how we both sisters starts enjoying sex together .I had a boyfriend name Gautam ,off-course we use do sex.I wanted to tell one thing our my mother as well father go for job, they leave the house in morning and come back in night,so whole day the full house use to be under our control, we use it the way we want.This story is of during our college days, one day I came back home early.I opened the house with my house key, enter to the house and enter to my room.I heard murmuring and moaning sound from sarita room ,this is very ... normal for me.I got freshened and went to my room to start surfing the net off-course hot stuff. That day I was in very horny mood,I decided to see some blue film on my computer ,which made me very aroused ,I needed hard fuck but my bf gautam was out of station. so decided to spy on sarita rooms and have glimpse of live sex show. After putting some effort I got opening to view in sarita room.As soon I peeped in the room, I was stunned to see the view in the room.Sarita is nude and sucking cock of none other than Gautam.I got very angry,I push the door hard ,it opened,I enter into the room ,both gautam and sarita who were totally nude,tried to hide themselves under blanket , as sarita knew that gautam is my bf and I get fucked by him, I shouted on my sister what the hell she is doing with gautam.Sarita appolizes said to me gautam had come to see you only, but you were not at home,I asked him to wait, we were chatting ,his talks and body made me hot I couldn’t control. I said sarita we know each others bf but we had understanding that we will not snatch our bf, but u have deceived me. Will you like if I do sex with your bf Ramesh. Sarita laughed , said baby I will not mind sharing my bf with my sweet sexy sister poonam. I was surprised to hear that. I said but what do I do now , as I am also horny at the moment, even I was in search of Gautam , and this bloody had told me that he will be out of station today,and bloody fucker he is fucking my own sister instead of me. Sarita said no ...