1. My wife finally caught me. Part 1.

    Date: 10/11/2018, Categories: Fetish, Author: davisdrake20, Source: xHamster

    Lynn, my wife had e-mailed me at work earlier in the day, saying She was mad at me and wanted me home by six to have a serious discussion. What could be wrong, i wondered, this wasn’t like Her, we got along well, hadn’t had any arguments, did i left the toilet seat down again?So five o’clock rolled around i left work stopped and had a couple beers with the guys and headed home. Driving home i racked my brain thinking and not knowing what the problem could be, but i was confident that it was nothing big (maybe some money i had spent, that She wanted).I walked in and didn’t see Her anywhere, calling out “Hey Babe i’m home, where are You”. Her voice rang out “in the kitchen come in here”. She was sitting at the table drinking a wine cooler still dressed in Her work clothes. She looked great; heels on, with Her favorite red skirt and silk blouse.“Hi, what’s up, i got Your e-mail”.“I need to talk to you, sit down,” She said and i did. “I been trying to ignore your little secrets, but I can’t anymore”.“What secrets?” i asked calmly. She looked sternly in my eyes “you know, so just confess everything, don’t make me ‘drag’ it out of you”.“Honey, i don’t know what the hell You are talking about”. “Oh you don’t”, She said loudly “then what is this”, and She lifted Her skirt to show Her black slip, which had a white stain on it. “How did this get there?” She demanded. i played dumb as my heart started to race. “i don’t know, what is it”. “It’s your dried penis juice asshole”, She ... replied, “you took it out of my dresser, wore it, got excited and left it a mess didn’t you”. “Honey” i said, still playing dumb, “where did you come up with this crazy idea”. It must of gotten there during foreplay or something.“Ok’ She said “no confessions from you?” “I’m not stupid, i have been noticing that someone has been in my drawers, various things moved, panties, slips, & pantyhose showing up in the laundry, that I didn’t wear”. “So I started to watch even more carefully”. “I have even written down everyday, what piece of My undergarments you have taken”. She handed me the list and She had tracked it for two months.“I guess you can’t lie to me now” She said, “you like to dress like a Girl, using My clothes, don’t you?”A heart attack right at this moment would have been so mercyful. Instead, i thought i better try to explain a little. “Honey it’s not what You think, yes I have taken Your things, worn them and put them back”, figuring i had better start talking before this got worse. Was She going to leave me, tell our family and friends, was our great marriage going down in flames?My heart was pounding closer to that attack now. “i just like to feel the silk against my body”. “Girls get to wear great feeling clothes and guys can’t, so i was trying to feel good, i’m sorry”. “i’m not gay or anything like that, i just like to feel sensuous, like you”. It seemed pretty honest and i thought it would ease Her wrath. “Nothing real serious, just messing around, that’s all.”“I ...