1. Rocky Horror first time

    Date: 9/13/2018, Categories: First Time, Anal, Trans, Author: JuicyLucyLips, Source: xHamster

    My wife Michelle had booked two tickets for Rocky horror show, I knew what she was up to ,last 6 months I was constantly dressing up for her not that I really minded but I guess I could maybe get away with a public display as a lot of guys get into the spirit of the show ,just didn't want to embarrass myself. She had been buying a lot of clothes lately & had become a bit more forceful & had taken a more dominant role & I had become a lot more submissive ,to tell the truth I had become a bit more feminine by the day, can't say I was unhappy a little less stressed maybe & enjoying us .Was a bit worried about clothes laid out for me to say the least, Highest of high heels,black seam stockings,suspenders,mini skirt,black leather underwire corset top I've got small tits that fill out the cups nicely,topped off with a black wig & my silver head band & clutch bag,I still to this day need help with my makeup but I'm getting better & I have to say I was amazed at my self when I looked in mirror ,my wife had always called me Lucy & she commented I looked juicy & I guess it's stuck , if we weren't going out I think we would have fucked each other senseless there & then.I drove us down to theatre & parking was nightmare ended up parking in side street about 10-15 mins away,bit of a killer in these heels but was nice light evening & what eased it for me was a lot of people had made the effort as well so didn't feel to self conscious ,we had good aisle seats plenty of room to dance & we ... were dancing with everyone near our section forgot about heels everything absolutely magical,at the interval we managed to get drink at the bar but it was absolutely manic then back for the remainder of the evening ,We left with the crowd & made our way back to the car have to say was a bit uneasy it was very dark oh oh my bag with keys & our money in ,I didn't have itoh shit I think left it at the bar oh no we about turned & headed back to theatre still some people about thank heavens straight to the bar but it was all locked up & in darkness & these metal grills were down around bar .found a usher who said found my bag & bar manager put in safe & not back until tomorrow lunchtime,There was still some people outside waiting for taxis & lifts however trying to get lift was impossible tried everything & then two big guys wearing suits come up & said jokingly he would pay taxi for kiss & cuddle & with that had scooped Michelle in his arms & started kissing her I was stunned & as quickly the other guy had hold of my waist & hand around my head & kissed me full on, tongue down my throat , After longest minute of my life he pushed my head down ,I was screaming like a little girl & I was on all fours as he took his fucking big cock out & put it between my lips & fucked my mouth hard telling me to kiss his cock & lick his balls until he cum in my mouth he said I was a great cocksucker & then told me to clean his cockout the corner of my eye I could see Michelle on her knees as well,I ...