1. Prom Night

    Date: 9/13/2018, Categories: Teen, Author: missluv2write, Source: LushStories

    Chris stood outside the bedroom for a minute before he decided to knock on the door. He was greeted with a shriek from his stepsister inside. “Is Brandon here already? I’m not ready!” Tory panicked as she scrambled to finish up her makeup. Chris cracked open the door a little bit before stepping in, “Calm down! It’s just me,” he said then entered the cluttered room of his seventeen-year-old stepsister. Tory was sitting at her desk with a whole beauty store worth of makeup laid out in front of her. “Fuck! Chris, you freaked me out!” Tory said as she turned back to her mirror and applied more mascara. “Is this what you’re wearing to prom?” he asked pointing to her dress that laid across her unmade bed. “Yes! Isn’t it hot!” Tory stated in reference to the short body-hugging red sequin dress. “And your mom is okay with you wearing this out?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. “Um, yeah, obviously,” Tory said with a sigh. “What’s wrong with it?” “Kind of slutty,” Chris said. Tory turned to him and threw the first thing she could pick up at him. Turned out a cotton puff didn't have much of an impact, she added, “Fuck you!” Chris just smiled. He liked getting Tory all riled up. It has been one of his favorite hobbies since he first met her in grade school, years ago. He remembered the numerous times he sat behind her in class. He always playfully poked her or pulled her long braids until she would turn around and yell at him, getting them both in trouble. In his mind at that time, any ... attention from Tory Woods was good attention. It wasn’t until high school when his hormones were in constant overdrive that he realized that he was attracted to her. By then it was too late to ask her out, his divorced dad and her single mom had started dating and later married making them step-siblings. Although Chris lived with his mother most of the time, he started visiting his dad and his new stepmom just to hang out with Tory. “I wish,” he said as he plopped down on her bed. Tory smiled, “You shouldn’t say that. You’re my brother.” “Stepbrother and don’t you forget it,” he corrected her. “Anyway,” Tory rolled her eyes. “What about your date? Annie? She’s cute. Heard she puts out, too. Maybe you’ll get a little head tonight,” Tory said then blotted her ruby red lipstick. “Yeah, but I want you, Tory,” he said longingly. Tory smiled. She’d known that Chris had a crush on her since freshman year. She remembered waiting patiently for months for him to get the balls to ask her out to the winter formal, but their parents got involved and everything changed. Tory had told him that he lost his chance of hooking up with her. Recently, as she thought about this being their last year in high school together she couldn’t deny that she still had feelings for him, too. Soon, he would be going off to college in New York while she was staying at home with their parents going to the in-state university. When she thought about how they would grow apart while in college, she realized that ...