1. She Gave Up Ch. 01

    Date: 9/12/2018, Categories: Anal, Author: byashaw2, Source: Literotica

    1. Beginning He always wanted to make anal sex with his wife, but she was reluctant to do it. They did tried a couple of times in the past, but she complained that is painful it makes her feel uncomfortable. Recently, he wanted to do it again, but she refused, which led to a serious discussion between them. They knew that this will be a constant problem for their relationship and they decided to do something about it. It was more her decision to give up on something. She agreed to try again sometime, but without any promise. She wanted to try again for him, because she loved him. 2. The Shower It was a Saturday night and they were home alone. The kids were at her parents. "I want to have a shower with you tonight," he said. "What exactly do you have in mind? Is this the night when we will have anal sex?" she asked suspicious. "We will see," he answered smiling. "Do you have an erection already?" she asked. "Is that what you are thinking about me?" he answered with a question. "Yes," she said with a smile and she put her hand over his pants, feeling his erection. She loved the fact that after 20 years of marriage, he still found her beautiful and he didn't lost his desire for her. "Ok then, I will go to shower and I tell you when I'm in it," she said. She went into the bathroom and undressed herself. After she entered in the shower, she told him that she is ready. She had mixed feelings, didn't knew what will follow. He came in the bathroom already naked and with his cock ... erected. She started to smile when she saw him. "I'm always amazed how you can have an erection without any problem," she said. "Turn around and put your hands against the wall. I want to wash your body," he said. She turned around and placed her hands against the wall, knowing that he liked to wash her. She liked that too. He took a little shower gel in his hands and started to massage her feet. Then he moved up to her butt. He then massaged her back. When he moved to her breasts, he insisted much more compared to her feet. "Now you have the cleanest boobs in town," he said with satisfaction. He then took a shower gel especially for genital areas and lower his hand over her butt cheeks. She felt his fingers against her anus. He slid one finger inside her. He kept his finger in place. "Do you feel any pain?" he asked. "No," she whispered. He pulled out his finger and took again some shower gel and then he slid his finger inside her. He did it one more time and this time, his finger slid inside easily. Keeping one finger inside her, he started to massage her clit. He used two fingers trying to make her feel good. She started to moan as he continued to massage her clit. He didn't stopped until she closed her feet. "Why did you stopped me?" he asked. "I had an orgasm," she whispered. She turned her head and searched for his mouth to kiss him. They kissed passionately for a couple of seconds. He pulled out his finger from her butt and started to put water on her body with the shower. ...