1. Plucked by aunt Traci

    Date: 9/12/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Lesbian, Mature / Older, Author: Tracisbear, Source: xHamster

    It,s late. I was in my room siting by the window when aunt Traci visited. The visit was unexpected. I had just showered. My robe revealing wet, soft, pale nipples. I saw her shift and her gaze lingered. She licked her lips. Her gaze lingered ..’ I i felt the tip of my breast twisting gently. An lips twirling around my nipple. A hand on my vagina. ‘ hi...’ she moaned hugging me. Grazing my breast. The pale wetness of my breast glistening. Her eyes on my breasts seemed spellbound. She and I had always been close. Today seemed different.hugging me gently..innocently. Grazing my nipple gently.stroking it with her fingers.... she caressed my breast. Grazing the nipple.pecking my bottom... suddenly the robe was off..she rubbed between my thighs gently. Ahhh...she moaned. Licking my breast and biting between my thighs. Aunt Traci began suckling my vagina softly. ..rubbing my vagina slowly with her fingers.finger fucking Me slowly. Rough.massaging my vagina ...slowly.squeezing my curls gently.stroking me between my legs gently...tugging at my nipple and Kissing me passionately.( instantly giving me oral sex)* the kiss went deeper.the oral sex hotter..rougher.traci ,s hands around my breasts pulling..tugging..licking..kissing..biting..my nipple.rubbing my breast growling.as she caressed my breast.and slide her hands between my legs. ‘ spread’ I heard.kisding me as we had oral sex. And her hands gently stroking,rubbing between my thighs. My legs parted, she massaged me gently. ... Nipping and biting my curls. Suckling my vagina and kissing. Deepthroating me. I moaned softly. ..’ yes aunt Traci. Don’t stop.’ As she increased the pressure of her lips around my vagina. Suckling. ...and the finger fuckgot rougher. Twisting her fingers higher. Pushing harder. ‘ yes aunt Traci!’’ Deeper...’ I moaned as her toungue dove deeper on me and her breath hot on my curls.’ Good girl..’ she whispered. Deepthroating her hard.slowly..my curls wet in her wickeness.she began biting my curls gently, massaging me deeper.and deeper.suckling me hard. I Moaned.as she gave me a deep dark rimjob. And deep massage. ‘ yes aunt tract. Don’t stop.’. As she fucked me for what seemed hours.giving me oral sex twice. Twisting herself in my mouth. Orgasming. ‘ your magical..’ she moaned. Tugging at my breast. Licking my breast. And passionately kissing me slowly.sliding her toungue tightly in my mouth as she came hard , as we roughly had oral sex. Rubbing herself against my curls and massaging me with her fingers.squeezing my breast and licking me softly,slowly. Sliding gently, she pounded me slowly. Twice. Twisting,twirling herself deeper and deeper inside me. Orgasming twice. Fucking me twice hard.biting my vagina softly.kissing my breasts. Giving me a deep, devilish massage. Gliding herself deeper and deeper into me. Kissing my wet breasts, tugging it slow. Kissing my hips, breasts, and curls. Nipping my vagina teasingly.she purred. ‘ feel so good’ she whispered. ‘ I love how soft u are..’ ...