1. The Quarterback ,The Coach's Wife & Other Women

    Date: 9/12/2018, Categories: Fiction , Authoritarian, BDSM, Cuckold, Drug, Mature / Older, Mature / Older, Mind Control, Author: nutzbubby, Source: sexstories.com

    Bev was bobbing up and down on the quarterbacks 11inch prick as the head cheerleader Tracy sucked on the hunks balls . It was an hour after their victory over Mayfield High , & Arthur was enjoying the spoils of of victory as his coach's 55 year old wife Bev & his 18 year girlfriend sucked & licked him. At the beginning of the season Arthur had learned mind control. And with every victory he would fuck the bbw but delicious Bev at her home , Coach would be allowed to watch sometimes , other times he was in the basement going over plays for the next game in the basement , HE TRAMP STAMPED Bev last week , they had gone to the tattoo artist & now the wench had a tattoo of a milf on her knees giving a blowjob to a younger man , in the tattoo you could see the bitch was wearing a wedding ring. Bev & Tracy had now switched positions . As she bobbed up and down on Arthur's prick , Tracy made room for Bev to continue with ballsucking . Tracy was a pro at giving head , not as good as coach's wife thought Arthur but she was getting there. Dressed in a pair of daisy dukes , 3 inch heels & a pink bra she was in full contrast to Bev who was collared ,leashed & wearing 7inch thigh high hooker boots. Bev was his sex slave to do as he pleased . Bev's tits were pierced , as was her nose & clit. Tracy was Arthurs steady at school, but the 19 year old senior also , had Tracy lick pussy for his own pleasure. Arthur unloaded in Tracy's mouth & she immediately kissed Bev in a sperm-filled french ... kiss exchange with Bev. After they both swallowed their just dessert,Arthur told them to to 69 , with Tracy on top. As Arthur took pics with his cellphone , this could be his screensaver he smirked. Chapter 1 The Next Week Arthur was not in a good mood they had lost by a point to BS High , so he drove out to Lovers peak with Bev and she was now giving him a handjob in the backseat of his restored Chevy Nova . Dont worry we'll get them next time said his fuckpig Bev , my husband Melvin is a great coach . Awww fuck off Bev & suck my prick you dumb cumslut Arthur said in the nastiest way possible. Bev tried to respond but her mouth was already jammed with Arthurs prick uuuuuuum gggmmm was all she could say . Eat me slut, Arthur said loudly , they were the only ones parked. Here cums your late supper as the much older bitch ate her masters jism load. Chapter 2 Lead By Her Leash- A month later Bev was sitting on the couch jerking Arthur off, Coach Marvin was in the footstool position as BEV put her hooker boot covered legs on his back. Arthur was enjoying himself , the season had ended they had a winning season 10 -3 .And best of all he had a College football scholarship . Coach's reward tonight for helping him achieve his goal was to watch him dominate his wife (it was a cuckold's dream he laughed ) So as Bev continued wacking him off & using Coach as a footstool Arthur continued watching the porn on the living room television set. Two moms in their lates fifties were sucking & ...