1. My life as a cross dresser 7TRUE STORY

    Date: 9/12/2018, Categories: Gay, Trans, First Time, Author: Sissychristine1956, Source: xHamster

    About half hour went by another beer was given to me and MarkI was feeling a little tippsy , the conversation had been really exciting , John had been asking me questions about my sex with Mark and wearing knickers,He asked did I wear my sister's or mum's underwear , my shyness was disappearing with the beerBoth mine and marks cocks was still sticky and leaking, he told me to lick marks cock and balls clean,I knelt on the floor between marks legs his cock was soft , I held it to my face and started sucking, John moved to the sofa where I had been sitting, no Chris , lick it like a ice cream he instructed,,Marks cock was already getting hardLick his balls first John said truth was I was really enjoying myself , I lifted his balls and licked under them,Slowly John said , I licked all over his balls then sucked each one , marks cock was ridged I licked slowly up his shaft pulling his foreskin back and licked all around his helmet, marks juices was flowing freely, dripping on to his public hair, , I licked through them I enjoyed his hair tickling my nose,Your doing a great job Chris John said complimenting me , don't you cum Mark he said sternly.Stand up Chris he said , I did as I was told , stand here pointing between his legs, I stood in front of him, my cock erectI was hoping for him to suck me and lick me like I had done to markMark told me you wear knickers and mark fucks you like a girl , is that true Chris,I felt myself blushing , I glared at Mark feeling betrayed.Well ... Chris John askedYes sirChris don't worry, would you like to dress up now John could see my hesitation and said come with meWe entered his bedroom he went to the wardrobe , and took out the suitcases Mark had told me aboutHe opened the first one revealing white blouses, and navy blue school girl skirts all folded neatly , he took out a blouse looking at the size, then look at me and laid it on the bed next to me, you will look nice in this he remarkedThen took out a pleated skirt and laid that on the bedHe then opened the other case this was full of underwear, again all looked clean and neatly place in the case he took out a couple of bras and wrapped each one around my chest , till he found one that fitted me, do you like this one i, I nodded.It was white he the took out a pair of white cotton knickers and a pair of white socks ,He the told me to put my arms outHe slipped the bra straps over my arms and fastened the clasps Put these on passing me the knickers , I pulled them up my legs , now these passing me the white socks, they stretched just below my knees, fold the tops over Chris he laughed. He took a couple of pair s of knickers out of the case and put a pair in each bra cup to pad it out,I then put on the blouse and buttoned it up, it seemed strange the buttons being on the opposite side to shirt,Then I put on the pleated skirt, it came just above my kneesHe went back to the wardrobe and then took out another box and put it on the bed and took the the lid off , inside was ...