1. his ex-gf toys

    Date: 9/11/2018, Categories: Anal, Gay, Interracial, Author: kylefuckyou, Source: xHamster

    He gad been with her for 2 years, at the start of our first semesterSimon had become my school buddy, we always did our university courses together and even if we didnt saw each other alot out of campus living 30 minutes aways each on one side of the cityHe was cuban. a bit taller than me and a bit bigger, i was better in fasy space spot and he was better in strenght one so we made quite the pairIt happened at his party at the end of semesterWe partied hard and were smoking weed outside when evryone got in the pooli went in my buddy room to change after himi saw them in the closet he didnt closea pink cute vibrator and a matching smaller one , a plug with a silver small bullet vibrator insidei look at them with curiousity wondering if Elizabeth ever wore it for Simondressing up going out with evryonethe night went by, Simon was having lots of fun , happy his party was a success the 20 of us down to 15 the 10 then only me and simon were there smoking one last before bed''man that was a nice night, thanks for coming by, ''''no man thank you . this was a wicked party, seriously thought Frank woud miss the pool from that tree branch or the fucking branch woud break ahhah''''ahhah yeah that guy is out of mind, last year he did a jump with his snowboard accross a fucking road and barely clear it''''ahah yeah i saw the vids''finishing the joint following him insidei was way more drunk than him it seems , when i got up i fell on the floor laugthing hardleaving me to go in the ... shower after helping me in the bathroomtelling me i woud feel betteri was naked sit on the bench under the hot water , Simon parent had a nice big shower with lits of heads it did felt great getting too comfortable falling asleepSimon got in the bathroom asfter a while wondering if i was okhe saw me head pn the wall snoring and get in to wake mebut as he got in his cock got hard seeing me mouth open in the corner the warm steam of the showerhe got his boxer down and came close asking me if i felt betterwashing looking at me sleeping just inches away my mouth open making him think of crazy ideas''dude wake up or i might slide in that mouth buddy''just his tip he told himself, puting his cock bitween my lipsethe warm feeling of a mouth remembering him of his exhelping it a bit deeper and slowly work himself in then out looking at menot believing i woudnt wake up , his cock back in my mouth unable to resist itfeeling my mouth weak and taking him goodtaking pleasure watching me mouth open on his cockand he went too deep having to much fun his big dark cock in my mouth i started to move and wake upsliding out in a flash bending over me like he was waking mei open up my eyes feeling dizzy , my mouth tasting weird and saw him wake me up naked his big cock up telling me i shoud go in bed the hot water is running outhelping me dry with a towel telling me i felt asleep for an hour and he just had time to washhelp in my bed my friend saying hell be back to see i dont vomit anywherebut i was ...