1. My High School Reunion

    Date: 9/11/2018, Categories: Trans, Author: SeanR83, Source: LushStories

    You are cordially invited to your 20th class reunion. The class of 1997 would like to have the pleasure of your presence. The event will take place in the old school Assembly Hall. The evening will include live music, a buffet and speeches. I chucked the invitation on the bed. Wow, twenty years. The time had flown by. I looked at my watch. Seven thirty. Time to be fashionably late. I took the chance to go over what I had done since leaving high school. I had gone into my father’s law firm, becoming a wealthy attorney for civil cases. I had some big cases under my belt, but if you didn’t know the case, you wouldn’t know who I was. I looked in the mirror, glancing at my naked body. I was handsome, well, I thought so. I had a toned body with a hairy chest and a well-endowed penis. I loved my nine-inch piece of meat, and it had gotten me in trouble many times. My bisexual tendencies tended to land me in trouble. The problem was that I loved ass. Boys, girls, it made no difference to me. I picked up my clean white shirt and put it on. The ruby studded cuff links went through the buttonhole. Why not show off my wealth? I didn’t care. Saville row suit fit like a glove and the ruby tie clip held my Armani skinny tie in place. I looked like million bucks and well, I was wearing a couple of thousand. I laughed when I adjusted my little friend to the left leg. I always went commando and was hoping to get lucky, my ass fixation getting me in trouble again. I called down to the ... reception of the five-star hotel I was staying in. Living the money. “Hello, reception... It’s Mr Hawthorn from the penthouse. Can you have the Rolls Royce ready in fifteen minutes... Yes, I will call when I need to be picked up again... Yes, thank you.” My car was ready for me and I was ready for my big entrance. The car ride to my old school was uneventful and it seemed to take ages to get there. I could see the old building looming closer, its lights on full blast lighting up the night sky. I was dropped off and I made my way inside. It was just as I remembered it and very little had changed. I saw a few people I recognized and made small talk with them. I remembered why I hated school and saw some of the people I still despised. Some of the old teachers were still there and they said a few words to me. I was there for an hour or so when a gorgeous redhead walked through the door. I was like a scene from a movie. Everything seemed to go quiet and all eyes seemed to look at her. She smiled and made small talk with a few people. I tried my best to ignore her, but I could not help but look in her direction every few minutes. There was something intriguing about her. I recognized her, but had no idea from where. When she turned around I knew I was hers. She had one of the most beautiful round asses I had ever seen. Now, as I have said, I get in trouble for my passion of ass, but she had the most gorgeous ass ever. If I had no control, I would have run up behind her and buried my face ...