1. In Italia

    11/21/2019: Author's Note: Recently my wife shared a fantasy of hers involving a seductive meeting with a supposed stranger in Italy. Both of us decided to write our own version; this is mine. Hers is posted in the "Erotic Couplings" section under the title "Meeting in Rome." Mine is playful and sexual; hers is heartfelt and romantic. Hopefully one will appeal to you, if not both. Enjoy! ------ I sat in the read Sex Story
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  2. Secret Treasures.

    11/21/2019: * based on a true story. I am Jessica female30yrs. The rain pelted down on the Victorian style home . Legand was it was haunted. Lights would turn on without cause.. dripping faucets.. drawers creaking Open. But, it was beautiful. I loved the home. My cat and I were ready for bed when a knock at the door startled. It was aunt Kim. Come to visit.’ Your father asked me to look in on u..’ she said. Ok Kim..make yourself comfortable.as my cat and I went to bed. The rain on the window pane pelted and my cat scurried under the sheets. I got into my robe; revelling my soft pale wet breast bubbli read Sex Story
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  3. Boob Tube and Hot Pants....

    11/21/2019: ...not what you'd expect for day wear on chubby body. One of my enjoyments as a cockist is the various chats you can have online sometimes with guys sometimes with wannabes and just occasionally with a real woman. In my 20+ years online I have chatted to perhaps a handful of women that have gone on to prove to be as they say in the description and our chat Real Women, they may be older than the pictures they have placed or a different body type but real ladies with proper emotions and looking for something that is NOT just fuck buddy life style. Those I have met have been very married some to read Sex Story
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  4. What Happens in Dallas, Doesn't Necessarily Stay In Dallas

    11/21/2019: Chapter 1 I’m Brandon. I was 36 when this took place a few years back. At the time I was married. 12 years to be exact. Like any married couple, we had our good times and bad. We lived outside of Pittsburgh at the time. I work for a food production company. Had been there most of my adult life. I manage one division there. My wife, at the time, worked as an executive secretary for a Real Estate read Sex Story
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  5. Donna Gets A Fantastic Workout part 1

    11/21/2019: Donna was finishing a frustration day at her Gym. And needed some time to unwind. She decided a long run wood relieve some stress. There is a small military base about 30 minutes drive, we go running there a lot.Its a amazing run and in late afternoon there wood be very few people there.Donna dad and brother work for the military and live on site, during the week so donna has a pass to visited them. So donna drove up to the gate and smiled at the young guard.He smiled back after checking her pass the guard welcomed donna to the base. Once pass the few building's close to the gate there was no read Sex Story
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  6. 5 The games continue.....introducing Debra and Hea

    11/21/2019: Author's note: It's frequently difficult to separate fact from fantasy, this story is based in the late 60's era with elements of truth's and a few of fantasy thrown in for good measure - I will let you decide what's real or not - enjoy. Alan picked up the bottle of babyoil and poured some into the palm of his hand and rubbed his cock and balls in the slippery clear liquid. It made his stiff rod shine and it appeared to look bigger, harder and so so inviting. I did the same to my cock and we look at each other appreciating the view. We got closer and slipped our slippery smooth hairless cock read Sex Story
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  7. The Secretary

    11/21/2019: After more years on the road than I care to remember, I grew tired of living out of a suitcase. I gave notice to the booking agency that right after the Spring season I would be taking my leave. My parents gave me permission to occupy my old room in exchange for chores and a modest rent. Now I was faced with a new problem, finding a job. I had no high school diploma and no real job read Sex Story
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  8. AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 08

    11/21/2019: CRAIG IS DISCOVERED The bedroom window in Craig's room was stuck and Renee asked me to have a look at it. I went into Craig's room when Renee was home to check out the window. I had to move the desk which was right bellow the window and before I did I cleared off the top of it. Craig had left books and other items on the desk. When I moved the books I noticed a magazine between them and at first read Sex Story
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  9. Who Needs Privacy Among Family? Ch. 02

    11/21/2019: This installment is told from Kendra's point of view. In the prequel, the girls were established to be 18 years old. Although the boys' ages are never mentioned in the body of this chapter, it should go without saying that they are also 18. ~~~~~~~~~~ If you got the impression that we masturbate as often as we do because we have no luck with guys and thus no other ways to satisfy our urges, it's read Sex Story
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  10. Her Part Time Job

    11/21/2019: A story from the past… When we were first married, Nora was a nurse at a local doctor’s office. But when we started having children, things changed. She decided to be a stay at home mom. About ten years ago when our kids were all out of the house and off to college for a year, Nora decided to go back to work. She had been out of the workforce for over twenty years but it was more about read Sex Story
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